What are you doing?

Is a question people ask you all the time, and so do Twitter and Facebook too.

I used to never use the Facebook status as I didn’t like putting my whole life into Facebook, but recently I started to use Twitter to post (more tech related out bursts) and the Facebook application to update my status when I post in Twitter. This made me think about the different between these two status feeds, Facebook is more about what I’m doing that my friends would be interesting in and Twitter is more posting comments to like minded people which my friends don’t always appreciate. This leaves me with posting more general things in Twitter or just updating both separately, which I don’t want to do.

Maybe there should be a new service where you can compose your status and tag what it is about, then have it sent to different status stream services appropriately. For this to work you would need to get replies (or comments in Facebook) to be in one place too, which will be hard till Facebook opens up more. We’ll see where this unfolds this year I guess as the usage of conversational media grows on the web.


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