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Aego 2 Speaker Innards and Repair

About 6 years ago I brought a pair of Aego 2 speakers from Acoustic Energy, who make some very good speakers, which were the best for the price at the time and still are today. After awhile the left channel started to stop working intermittently and I found that tweaking a jack in the front input worryingly fixed it. I found that eventually this didn’t even fix it reliably anymore so I decided to take it apart and try to fix it…

IMG_4298 IMG_4296

Whilst taking it apart I found the speakers were very well built and surprisingly simple inside, apart from the circuits.

IMG_4303 IMG_4290

I found that three of the solders for the front jack input on the front panel had broken! This was probably from the many times it had been moved around the country as I’ve lived in various places. The broken solders would have caused this problem because the input from the back goes though the front input so it can be switched off when a jack is inserted in the front, but with the broken solders it was cutting out more than intended. I hoped that just re-soldering them would fix the problem I was having.


Once I’d re-heated the solder on each of the points and added a bit more solder they all joined properly again and the problem I was having before had gone. So after putting it all back together I’ve got a great pair of speakers working fully again.


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