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HUGUK HBase at Mendeley Presentation

Last Friday I gave a talk on how we use HBase at Mendeley, which goes into more detail on the work I’ve been doing over the last year. It’s a summary of how the datamining team started out using MySQL and how and why we moved to HBase for most of our data storage and processing. It also describes some of the work we do in the datamining team.

You can find more details of the talk and a video of the presentation here

The afternoon generally went very well, I met many intresting people in London using Hadoop and HBase. There were also some people from California stopping over in London from a conference in Brussels. So it was great to meet people like Jonathon Gray who is one of the HBase committers working at Facebook and learning how they are using it in their new messaging service, Stack who is another HBase commiter from StumbleUpon, and Tom White who started the whole Hadoop world off. It’s a great community and an intresting time to be part of it.

For more from this event you can see all the slides here and learn more about the UK Hadoop users group I’ll now be runnning


M.Sc. thesis and job hunting

Well it’s been a long time since I last posted! about 12 weeks which has mostly been working on my M.Sc. thesis and finding a job for when I finish in Edinburgh at the end of August. Both are done now so I’ve got a bit more free time again (which will be mostly enjoying the Edinburgh festivals for a week!).

The thesis changed slightly from influenza tracking to trying to forecast the belief of the population about the recent swine flu outbreak. This ended up looking at ways of extracting and aggregating information from Twitter and blog posts then trying to forecast the value of a prediction market. Prediction markets along with text mining are both very interesting so I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed the whole project. I’m going to post about the work and what I found from it in a post soon, summarising the interesting bits from 70 pages!

On the job hunting front I have a job at Mendeley down in London starting mid September which I’ll hopefully blog about when I start there. The work they do is very interesting trying to bring science up to speed on the web, they describe themselves as “ for research” which kinda gives the scope of their goals. So I’m leaving academia finally but not quite, as the work I am doing will be very much helping many people doing research around the world.

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